Links to WORKS

American Mobile Medical:

Richardson Medical Center:

Madison Parish Hospital:

Richland Parish Hospital:


If there are any issues, do the following.

Bring up Google Chrome.

Clear cache by doing the following: 

Select the wrench on far right.

Select tools.

Select: Clear Browsing Data

Obliterate the following items from Select the beginning of time.   Check the top 4 of 6 options.  Select the Clear browsing data.

Now put in the URL desired (one of the above) in the Chrome address line.  

 Make default homepage if desired. 

Once there, prior to logging in, select the browsing line, it should show highlighted in blue.

Do a right click and copy or CTL/C (same time).

Go to wrench and select options.

In the middle, on the “Open this page:” select the whole line and then do a pastes (right click/paste or CTL/V) with the login page url.   

Close  and now every time they open chrome, it will take them there.

You can also bookmark it by hitting the little star at the end of the URL, right next to wrench.  Create a new folder and place it in.